Pros and Cons of Every Type of Fish Finder device

Apr 02, 17 Pros and Cons of Every Type of Fish Finder device

 You know that there is a lot of best fish finder device with reviews available in the market. All these methods are very helpful in finding and catching the fishes from deep under the sea. There are different kinds of brands with side and down imaging techniques.

         There is a GPS system in some of the gadgets. Every device has unique features and uses unique technologies for finding the fishes. By using these methods, you can enjoy your fishing spots and feel happy with this adventure in your life.

   You can also consider it as a tool. You can carry this device anywhere in the trip if you are fish catching lover. These tools give you a 2d or 3 d images of the fishes so that you can easily find them. Some of the devices alert you and tell you the actual position of the fish by pointing the light rays on the specified fishfinder

  If you are going to purchase the fish finder gadget, then you must consider their pros and cons which will help you in choosing the best fish finder device that meets your requirements and hummingbird fish finder reviews to find out more.

     Here we will discuss some benefits and disadvantages of fish finder gadgets:-

  1. Hummingbird Helix 9DI GPS: – It is very popular fish finder device and has the best usage for professional or occasional. It releases on November 2015 giving the high-tech features.


  • It gives the side and down imaging views.
  • It provides the proper angular positions.
  • It has LCD with high resolution.
  • It provides the GPS system with memory storage capacity.


  • It is sometimes costly for regular users.
  • It has various buttons which require adequate knowledge to use them.
  • Sometimes it can operate by the professionals.
  1. Lowrance HDS- 7 Gen 3: – It is also a famous tool for fish finding and direction-finding. It has 7-inch backlight LED screen with which you can see the object under the sea.


  • It has GPS system which can help you in directing the ways or provide you the weather information.
  • It gives you the clear view of side and down imaging with the LED screen.
  • It can use the thermal sensors to provide the information on water temperature for angular positions.


  • Sometimes the side and down imaging deepness is quite small.
  • It is also expensive for some persons.
  1. Ray Marine Dragonfly 5Pro: – It is the advance tool which gives the resolution of 480 by 480 with great depth. It has a feature of rewind and captures the pictures. It offers the mobile app known as WiFish with which you can connect your cell phone and help others in the fishing spots.


  • It uses multiple sonar techniques.
  • It can produce the accurate sound images of the fish.
  • You can connect the mobile phones with this device and use this app anywhere.
  • It provides you the mount service.


  • Little costly for professionals.
  • It can’t give you the side imaging view.
  • It can consume extra power.

Conclusion: – SO these are few gadgets with their pros and cons. It will help you a lot in getting the best tool for your profession and also for enjoying purpose.