How to Keep Fur Garments in Good Condition

Jul 12, 16 How to Keep Fur Garments in Good Condition

We all know as life started on earth, a man came to know that he needs three necessary things to survive. These three necessary things are food shelter and clothes. Food is the most important among all, but we cannot ignore the importance of shelter and clothes. Clothes that we wear are the most important part of life. There are a large variety of clothes depending upon the season. If we think wisely, we can calculate that a person needs more clothes in winters and less in summers. Or we can say a person needs more clothes in cold weather to protect him from cold. In this case, we can say that fur clothes are most important. They don’t allow cold air to enter the body and also fur keeps the body warm. But fur is very difficult to handle as it needs investment that is if we keep it in good condition, it will last long. Otherwise, it can be worn out in few months or weeks of use. Here in this article, we will provide you with some tips for keeping fur garments in good condition and how you can pack and get with you from one place to another place in high quality carry on garment bag. Here are some of the tips listed below:fur garments

    Environmental Conditions: Fur garments should be kept in a dry, cool and dark place. Also, provide some indirect heat to the fur garments. But don’t provide direct heat or don’t allow freezing of fur. Both these conditions can destroy the fur.

    Breathe Out in the Environment: Make your fur  bag in contact with fresh air. Also provide proper ventilation in the room, so that the moisture from the body escapes out before the gaining of a foothold by molds.

    Dry Fur: Prefer to keep your fur dry. If it is damped, allow its drying. You can also take it to fur shop for better results.

    Insects and Rodents: Always prefer eliminating and keeping the pests like insects and rodents away from the fur garments. You can make use of chemicals, deterrents, and traps for keeping the area used for storing fur garments vermin free.

    Temperature Conditions: For a better life of fur garments always keep in mind the perfect temperature suitable for fur. During summers or warm weather, take the fur garments to a fur shop so that they can place it in refrigerated place for refrigerating process and prevent its damage. This will protect your fur garments from humidity which in turn will protect the fur garments from molds. Always prefer 45-50 % of humidity and 50˚F temperature for better and long life of fur bag

    Catastrophic Loss: It can be very expensive to keep fur garments at home in warm weather. These fur garments need to be kept in cold vaults but not in hot and dry closed vaults with mothballs. The fur garments need to be kept in 45-50 % humid place with around 50˚F. Also, the smell of mothballs will get accumulated with fur garments.

So, concluding this article, we would think that the tips provided in this article would be helpful to you in keeping your fur garments in good condition.

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